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There is some good news for people in Manhattan (and its surrounding areas) who have an affinity for Japan, its people, and its culture. Come the 16th of August, there will be a festival of contemporary Japanese culture in midtown Manhattan. Dubbed Japan C, this festival will run till the 1st of November. The specific venue will be the Felissimo Design House – a legend in itself.

So what can you expect from Japan C? Dexigner describes the event as:

Spanning home and fashion accessories to gadgets, food, beauty and pop-culture products, Japan C will be part design exhibition, part bazaar, part trade fair, highlighting over 70 diverse Japanese firms who will be presenting and demonstrating their wares.

Discover the benefits of skin creams made from fermented rice by leading sake makers, or join the Japanese fad for collectible ‘keitai’ cell phone straps.

Featuring robots of every shape, size and color, alongside all manner of zakka knickknacks, everything from kawaii anime characters, fine stationery and contemporary furniture to high-tech rice cookers promising the perfect bowl of rice, Japan C will represent all that Japan is today: Cool, Cute, Clever and Creative.

And how about the purpose of the festival? Aside from the obvious aim of introducing the culture of Japan to the residents of Manhattan, the festival specifically aims to attract buyers, manufacturers, and distributors. You can say that there is a business slant to the festival but the general public is encouraged to attend as well.

If I were anywhere near Manhattan, you bet I’d be there.

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3 Responses to “Japan C – All Things Japanese”

  1. Sam on September 16, 2008 8:40 am

    This is an awesome exhibit. They have some specific events coming up.

    September 17 – Lecture on Sanyo’s innovative product series, Eneloop Universe. An expert will be discussing Sanyo’s series of rechargeable batteries and products.

    Septemeber 25 – Lecture on fashion: patterns, textures, colors. A fashion expert will discuss the uses of these styles in traditional Japanese fashion, as well as modern applications of these styles for new fashion trends.

    Both events should be really cool, and as usual they are free and open to the public.

    Definitely try to check them out if you are in the NYC area.


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  3. Hannah Garcia on May 10, 2010 1:01 am

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