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Japanese Cruises Destination Guide

Mount Fuji, Japan.

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Japan is an amazing cruise destination. This is because this amazing country is surrounded by ocean. Japanese cruises are the best way to learn about this ancient nation’s history and get to know the many varied locations in Japan.


Japan is definitely full of contradictions. You will feel that you are in completely different worlds as you switch from its cities, replete with the latest technology, bustling rhythms, and huge crowds, to its beautiful countryside, ancient temples, amazing religious monuments, and the many places where Shinto and zen spirituality are represented. Japanese cruises allow visitors to truly experience everything there is to see and do in this incredible destination.

The Japanese people are rightly proud of their four distinct seasons. Much like Western Europe, Japan has buy generic viagra distinct Spring, Summer, Fall, and Summers. Most people enthusiastic about Japan will urge you to visit this amazing destination in the Spring. The Japanese Spring has perfect temperatures and some of the most picturesque (and often downright strange) festivals. Spring also is the season of the world-famous characteristic Japanese cherry blossoms.

On a Japanese cruise, make sure that you visit Tokyo. This city’s amazing technology and distinct culture has enthralled visitors for decades. Mount Fuji is also a must-see natural wonder. Of course, most Japanese cruises have an obligatory stop on the Island of Kyushu, usually in Fukuoka, a wonderful seaside city. Of course, no trip to Japan is complete without a visit to Okinawa Island and the historic site of the Nagasaki memorial. Kobe is also famous for its rice wine breweries and its amazing beef. To fill your belly and get a nice buzz from their world famous Sake, make sure to try out everything Kobe has to offer.

Kyoto will seduce you with the Golden Pavilion, the Gardens and, of course, the historic Nijo Castle. Replete with serene, peaceful temples, Kyoto is a great destination for the adventurer that wants to discover Japan’s hidden wonders. Nagasaki, as one of the only two sites where the atomic bomb was dropped in the history of mankind, is replete with museums, monuments, and other important locations that should be visited, if only to reflect on the significance of these horrible events.

We recommend rounding out your stay in Japan with a visit to Tokyo. It’s incredible skyline, world-class restaurants, and non-stop nightlife are the perfect end to a Japanese cruise.

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