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Utada Hikaru – Japanese Pop Sensation


Some people say that music is a universal language. No matter where you go, music will always be one of the things you could find in common with other people. There is something about the way stories are told through music.

It so happens that even when it comes to pop music, Japan boasts of different artists who have shown that they are of international fame and accord. One of them is 23 year-old Utada Hikaru. She released her debut single as Cubic U in America. Later on she debuted in Japan as Utada Hikaru and her album was “First Love.”

Utada’s music could be said to be R&B and it is definitely not like the enka music that her mother used to sing. It is actually quite hip and would appeal to teens, no matter what nationality they are.

Utada’s latest album is Ultra Blue. It has the songs Keep Tryin’, Colors, This is Love and Passion, a song featured in Kingdom Hearts II of Square-Enix. A song from her album Sakura Drops, the one entitled Simple and Clean was a song featured in Kingdom Hearts.

Undeniably, Utada’s voice, songs and videos have improved over the years. She keeps on trying out different kinds of songs and if you look at her videos as well, there are huge differences. From the time she debuted as Cubic U and her current ones like Keep Tryin’. She also proven that she is marketable even outside Japan as she has collaborated with other artists like Foxy Brown for the song Blow My Whistle in the soundtrack of Rush Hour 2. Indeed she is one of the people to look up to in Japan.

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