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Why Japan Does Not Have a Military

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For a highly developed country, it is quite surprising why Japan does not have its own army. The reason points to history and events that Japan has tried to make amends for. However, the country does have its Japan Self-Defense Forces.

Under its 1947 Constitution, particularly under Article 9, Japan has ” forever renounced war as an instrument for settling international disputes and that it will never again maintain land, sea, or air forces or other war potential”. This decision is rooted on the deep impact of the Second World War on the Japanese people in particular and the world in general. Up to this day, there are still countries awaiting reparation for the war atrocities that were supposed to have been committed by the Japanese military.

The Mutual Security Assistance Pact provides that US forces stationed in Japan will take care of any external aggressionagainstJapan while the Japanese forces will address internal threat and natural disasters. Whatever semblance generic cialis of military forces there are in Japan today are considered mere extensions of the country’s Police Force.

Being the direct recipient of the effects of nuclear weapons, Japan expressly abhors the use of it in any destructive form. It has to be noted though that Japan has several nuclear plants existing. Its is believed that the country is capable of developing its own nuclear weapon when the need arises.

Japanese troops have seen action in others countries mainly as peacekeeping agents. Only time will tell if there will be changes with regards to the role of the Self-Defense Forces.

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